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Core Believes


Be Kind to All
No matter what


Rocks are a Holy Item


Don't use others for gain


Jasper is God or a Preacher


Animals that are sacred shall never be harmed or killed

The First Principle

The First Principle is "Be Kind to All" This is meant to mean that even if someone has wronged you, you shouldn't wrong them back because that is how a grand conflict starts.

The Second Principle

The Second Principle is "Rocks are a Holy Item" This means to always respect rocks by not kicking or throwing them.

The Third Principle

The Third Principle is "Don't use others for gain" This means to not harm someone to get something or to lie for gain.

The Fourth Principle

The Fourth Principle is "Jasper is a God or a Preacher" This teaches Jasper doesn't have to be your god and just an idea for justice

The Fifth Principle

The Fifth Principle is "Animals that are sacred shall never be harmed or killed" This means any animal that God sees as sacred can not be harmed by you but if killed and is morally right you can eat it. If needed to survive you may break the 5th. The list as of April 20 2024 is as follows:

All birds except chickens, Cattle, Pets, Whales, Dolphins, Equidae or Horse Family, Suidae or Pig Family, Racoons, Feliformia or Wild Cats, All fishes except deep Sea fishes, Sharks, Deer Family, Bears, Bugs, Ants, and Amphibians

By Jasper and Rocks